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The Perfect First Date

Taking someone on a first date can be a daunting task. Where will you take them? What will you talk about? How can you make it one to remember? Well we have planned you the ultimate first date with no room for awkward silences. Stick to this plan and you will be on date 2 […]

The Perfect Rainy Gold Coast Day

What is there to do when it rains on the Gold Coast? The Gold Coast is known for its stunning weather, pristine beaches and outdoor lifestyle in general. But the thing about tropical weather is it’s so unpredictable! So what do you do when weather turns south and you had a beach and picnic day […]

Mind-Blowing Family Fun at INFINITY

Your kids – and you – are going to love your Gold Coast holiday! Imagine days filled with sunshine, foodie pursuits, and unforgettable experiences, like a trip to INFINITY. We guarantee to be the attraction that will up the fun-factor level for the entire family. Our ‘fantastic funhouse of the future,’ was recently featured in […]

9 Themes for Kids Parties

At Infinity, we love a good party! We see masses of kids’ parties taking on the Infinity maze of wonder and fun each week. We’ve seen some pretty crazy themed parties over the years so we’d thought we put a list together of our favourites to help spur on some inspiration! Colour Bash Let them […]

6 ways to enjoy the Gold Coast

Famous for a lot of things, the Gold Coast is a holiday destination that singles, couples, families and travellers will all enjoy. With so much to do, instead of telling you what you must do to have a great time, we’re showing you the things you don’t want to miss, to avoid having a bad […]

If you’re backpacking through Australia, this is what you need to know…

Australia is the most amazing place in the world (yes we’re a bit biased) for backpacking. With so much to do and see the only problem you’ll have is not wanting to leave! If you are coming to Australia on a backpacking trip, you are in for one of the most amazing experiences of your […]

Top tips and tricks for catching Pokemon!

Gotta Catch em all? Infinity might be able to help… We’ve been noticing a lot of people gathering outside the doors of Infinity lately, and for weeks it had us puzzled. We were asking ourselves, why are people walking around with their heads in their phones with smiles from ear to ear. What could everyone […]

7 Steps to Plan the Perfect Kids Party

Planning a birthday bash on the Gold Coast for your kids can be a hard task,  especially if you’re working and lacking the inspiration. That’s why we’ve put together these 7 steps to help you go all out without having to go, all out!   1. The Food While being super creative and planning intricate […]

The Top 10 Things To See & Do in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The Top 10 Things To See & Do in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Donate this Anzac Day 2016

INFINITY will be donating $5 for every ticket sold this Anzac Day 2016. Walking Wounded assists in the psychological rehabilitation and recovery of returned AUSTRALIAN soldiers who are experiencing hardships after their time in service. – SAVING RETURNED SOLDIERS.

Totally out of this world Activities on the Gold Coast

Visiting the Gold Coast is a fun and engaging experience, because what you’ll find will blow your mind. There are amazing beaches, restaurants and clubs, but if you’re one of the tourists looking for something a little different to do on your Gold Coast holiday, something that will leave a lasting impression on you,  you will […]

Why Infinity is Perfect for Team Building

For any business, having an enthusiastic and hard-working staff is one of the most significant things. The best way to motivate your employees is through team building activities. Such activities can have a very strong impact on your business, and of course, business results. If you are looking to create a productive working environment with […]

Things to Do with Kids on the Gold Coast

Keeping kids entertained during school holidays is hard, but juggling work with taking time off to spend with the kids is even harder. As a father myself, anytime I see an article that offers suggestions on how I can best spend precious time with my kids, I generally take note and give it a read. […]

Schoolies 2015 Survival Guide

  Schoolies 2015 is on its way! After 12 years of dedication and education, it is almost time to cut loose. Surfers Paradise is the best place to be for Schoolies Week. The tradition began right here on the Gold Coast. It’s no surprise that when school is over, all you want to do is […]

New Rides from Gold Coast Theme Parks

The Gold Coast is one of the best places to enjoy a family holiday because there is something for everyone. When it comes to family fun, the Gold Coast’s theme parks are an excellent entertainment option for having a lot of fun. After all, theme parks are what the Gold Coast is well known for. […]

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